Sam Lumley

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I'm a Master's student living in Montreal, Canada. I've recently finished writing up my thesis on climate change visualisation at McGill University.

I currently work on two research grants: I'm the Project Manager for an Environment Canada grant using of machine learning to classify Tweets about extreme weather events. And I'm a research assistant for AI for the Rest of Us, a 3-year project developing a model of public engagement in AI-assistaed government decision making.

Over the past five year's I've been interested in the use of web tech to deliver social/ environmental impacts, particularly in urban environments. Since then, lots of my work has focussed on evaluating or building user interfaces that make new technologies more accessible.


Mar 2021 Co-authored a paper on supervised classification and unsupervised topic modelling
Mar 2021 Facilitated a workshop on civic AI at FAccT ML 2021 conference
Jan 2021 Started as a research assistant for AI for the Rest of Us
Dec 2020 Thesis handed in 📜
Sep 2020 Co-authored a paper on natural language processing to label Tweets
Mar 2020 Developed a web app for transcribing audio
Oct 2019 Became the Project Manager for a research grant with Environment Canada
Apr 2019 Designed and taught a git workshop
Apr 2019 Runner-up for best paper at SKI Canada, Banff ⛷
Oct 2018 Became a BLUE Scholar at b21 and developed a proposal website
Aug 2018 Became the teaching assistant for a geospatial web class
Apr 2018 Presented a poster on the Mercator Projection in webmaps at AAG, New Orleans
Dec 2017 Became an Instructor at Rod Roy Ski School ⛷
Dec 2017 Started as a Digital Journalist at
Aug 2017 Sailed across the seas from London to Montreal 🍁



I’m developing a speech-to-text web app. In early 2020, I needed to transcribe 20 interviews I’d conducted for my Master's research. I built a user interface for automated speech-to-text engines and visualized the results. The app syncs text to audio playback making it easier to edit and annotate transcripts.

The Urban Sprawl Map

A web app mapping visualizing different measures of urban “connectedness” based on a recent research paper. From Sep 2018 – Apr 2019 I designed and implemented the user interface using Bulma. I used npm scripts to manage development environments and production builds. For the data visualization we integrated a D3 and Mapbox to transition between global and neighbourhood scales.

NetCDF climate data visualizer

As a project in a geospatial web class I made an application to visualise netCDF data (an awkward climate data format) on a web map. It uses a python script to generate json data files which are visualised in a Leaflet web map.

Website Code

Ben Lumley Architect

My first website comission. Cheers Dad!